Our Plantations

Chaplon’s plantations are located in two of Sri Lanka’s best tea-districts, Nuwara Eliya and Uva. It is smal plantations, located on the slopes and planted with large trees that provide shade and shelter from the sun to the tea plants.

Our principles of farming

On Chaplon Estates we cultivate the soil after sustainable and ecological principles.

On the plantations the plants are exposed to weather and wind and this makes, along with the special soil, the perfect conditions for high quality tea.

The plants are cut drastically and often, as is the tradition in Japan, the methods are inspired by the Japanese way of growing tea. This means that the tea must grow as slowly as possible, and that the plants should be in partial shade, shielded from the blazing sun. The trimming of the bushes are different from those traditionally made in Sri Lanka. The goal is to make the bushes more delicate with smaller buds and fewer of the larger and coarser leaves.

The tea is a product which nature is best to manufacture themselves. Therefore, fertilizers and pesticides has no place in our production.

Chaplon Tea Estate is expected to achieve organic certification in the end of 2015 or early 2016.